Reiki is a Winning Lottery Ticket


I love to travel the world.  It's amazing how regardless of what country I'm in, when I meet a stranger and say I do Reiki, invariably they say "I'm a Reiki Master too."  This isn't  happening in wellness centers or health food stores, but on airplanes, trains or busses.  Obviously everything is energy and similar frequencies are drawn to each other through resonance.  Still, it always surprises me, because in my world of frequency it seems like everyone does Reiki!

Even more surprising to me is the percentage of these Reiki Masters who don't use Reiki at all - not even on themselves!  In my mind this is like having a winning lottery ticket and just framing it and hanging it on the wall.  Why wouldn't you cash it in?

Afterall, Reiki is so simple to use.  I've even taught kids Reiki.  Once you are attuned, it requires no effort except the intention to connect to it and a gentle resting of the hands on or above the body.  Reiki does the rest!  It doesn't even require my full attention.  I give myself Reiki when I'm driving or watching Netflix.  No matter where I am or what I'm doing, I always have Reiki with me.  And Reiki gives and gives endlessly, as much as you want.  There is an infinite supply of this Universal Energy.

Everything is energy, therefore working on the energetic level is extremely useful.  If I have a headache or sore muscles, I give myself Reiki.  If I'm tired and need to be refreshed, I give myself Reiki.  If I'm sad or nervous, I give myself Reiki.   

The best part about Reiki is that it feels incredible.  The more you practice Reiki, the clearer your energetic system becomes.  As a result, you become more sensitive to the energy and it feels even better!  

It's too bad that many people don't believe in working with energy despite the fact that they use and believe in all sorts of unseen energy frequencies  - radio waves, electric energy, kinetic energy and so much more.  Imagine if everyone just tapped into Reiki and had this tool for their personal healing.  There would be an abundance of health, happiness and peace accessble to all.  That's my idea of a winning lottery ticket.

Is Past Life Regression Real?


When people  ask if past life regression is real, I generally respond with "How do you define real?"  Afterall, there are many intelligent people who now prosit that we may be living in a virtual reality.  You may have powerful experiences when you are dreaming, but then you wake up and say, "Oh, that was just a dream.  It wasn't real."  But who's to say that when your body dies, you don't awaken into an expanded consciousness state and say the same thing?

We often consider consensus reality to define what's real.  If science has proven it, if other people can validate it or if enough people all agree upon it, then we consider it to be real.  But remember, consensus reality once agreed that the Earth is flat, that it's impossible to fly or talk to someone across the planet or many other things.  Science, technology and consensus reality evolve over time. 

You have an inner reality that others often aren't privy to - the world of your feelings, thoughts and inner senses.  Only you have direct access to this world, so others can't validate it for you.  This inner world can be reached through many means, including meditation, energy work and hypnosis.  You explore this inner world to discover your own inner truth.

Past life regression is a method for exploring your own inner truth.  Rather than focusing on whether or not past life regression is real, instead I suggest you ask, "Is past life regression useful?  Can it help me in some way?"  Isn't that the true benchmark for how we choose to spend our time, energy and money?

Past life regression can give you insight into the greater you by helping you understand the dynamics of your relationships, release unhealthy patterns, discover hidden gifts and talents, gain new perspectives.  What could be more real than that?

What Led Me To Do This Work?

Clients and students often ask me how I ended up doing this kind of work.  When you ask kids what they want to be when they grow up, I doubt any of them say hypnotherapist or Reiki Master!  As a child, I certainly didn't know this profession existed.  I used to say I wanted to be a baker when I grew up.  For this, I am periodically teased by my family, because as an adult I don't really enjoy cooking.

I wasn't raised in any spiritual tradition.  As far as I know, my parents are atheists.  In fact,  in college I was one of those condescending atheists who secretly looked down upon people who believed in a Higher Power.  I believed in logic and science.  I didn't have passion about any subject, so I chose to enroll in the College of Business Administration.  I didn't like numbers, so I chose Marketing and International Business as a double major.  All very logical.

I was hired for an internship that led to a job in my field.  I graduated from college and was doing what I thought I wanted to do was so empty.  I had always used logic to lead me in life, but without the heart, without passion, it leads to numbness.  What was the purpose of my life?  What was the purpose of spending all day sitting at a desk under artificial lighting in front of a computer screen, enduring office politics, making this company some money and then watching the clock until it's time to leave?  Get home, feeling exhausted, watch tv for a couple of hours to decompress and then go to bed just to start it all over again tomorrow. 

My existential crisis led me to meditation.  Although initially it was difficult to quiet my mind, one day it just clicked.  I fell in love with meditation.  I would meditate 3 to 4 hours a day after work.  During meditation I began to feel energy and it felt wonderful!  This led me to get Reiki training.  All the meditation and energy work created a big spiritual awakening.  Sometimes during meditation I would slip out of my body and explore the cosmos; other times I would spontaneously go into my past lives.  These profound experiences shifted my awareness and understanding of what's possible and why we exist.  

I found my passion for life: to help others awaken consciousness and heal themselves.  Since then, life has been an exciting adventure full of growth and purpose.  I love helping people to become empowered to live a fulfilling, joyful life.  Certainly I don't mean to belittle the business field.  If it's your passion, that's great!  We're all unique beings.  The key is to find what makes our heart sing and to live our lives from that space.